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Ransomware Audit

The Ransomware Audit Helps Hospitals Ensure an Effective Response to a Ransomware Attack

Legal & Regulatory

Preparation for possible litigation from civil society or government regulators. Notification requirements. Liaison with Law Enforcement.

Operations Playbook

Put in place proven and tested procedures to handle a ransomware incident. Do your people know exactly what to do?


Access control. HIPAA conpliance in case of data interrutpion or loss. Disaster recovery and backup. Network access and encryption.

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The Ransomware Audit is designed to provide a hospital with a checklist of vulnerabilities with recommendations to mitigate the changes of suffering a malware attack.

An audit is helpful for two principal reasons:

First, it will identify vulnerabilities and show how to fix them;

Second, it is evidence of due diligence that is needed in case the hospital gets involved in litigation with patients or others who claim it has been negligent in the handling of sensitive and private information.

"Being prepared is 100% of the challenge."

Deliverables of the Ransomware Audit

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