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Connecticut does not seem to have specific  laws dedicated to Medicaid fraud.  Instead, it relies on the general laws regarding larceny and vendor fraud.

Note:  Connecticut General Statutes 53a-122 to 124 – Defines three larceny classes.

2013 Connecticut General Statutes
Title 53a – Penal Code
Chapter 952 – Penal Code: Offenses
Section 53a-290 – “Vendor fraud” defined.


Universal Citation: CT Gen Stat § 53a-290 (2013)

A person commits vendor fraud when, with intent to defraud and acting on such person’s own behalf or on behalf of an entity, such person provides goods or services to a beneficiary under sections 17b-22, 17b-75 to 17b-77, inclusive, 17b-79 to 17b-103, inclusive, 17b-180a, 17b-183, 17b-260 to 17b-262, inclusive, 17b-264 to 17b-285, inclusive, 17b-357 to 17b-361, inclusive, 17b-600 to 17b-604, inclusive, 17b-749, 17b-807 and 17b-808 or provides services to a recipient under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, as amended, and, (1) presents for payment any false claim for goods or services performed; (2) accepts payment for goods or services performed, which exceeds either the amounts due for goods or services performed, or the amounts authorized by law for the cost of such goods or services; (3) solicits to perform services for or sell goods to any such beneficiary, knowing that such beneficiary is not in need of such goods or services; (4) sells goods to or performs services for any such beneficiary without prior authorization by the Department of Social Services, when prior authorization is required by said department for the buying of such goods or the performance of any service; or (5) accepts from any person or source other than the state an additional compensation in excess of the amount authorized by law.

See also:

Section 53a-290 – “Vendor fraud” defined.

Section 53a-291 – Vendor fraud in the first degree: Class B felony.

Section 53a-292 – Vendor fraud in the second degree: Class C felony.

Section 53a-293 – Vendor fraud in the third degree: Class D felony.

Section 53a-294 – Vendor fraud in the fourth degree: Class A misdemeanor.

Section 53a-295 – Vendor fraud in the fifth degree: Class B misdemeanor.

Section 53a-296 – Vendor fraud in the sixth degree: Class C misdemeanor.